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Rosemary Colyer

Malaga, Andalucia


I am an English artist, born, raised and educated in Kent, England. I now live and work in Andalucia, southern Spain. I work in many and, sometimes, mixed media. However, I specialize in pastel painting, as I love this medium, which is so tactile and durable.... it stays as fresh as the day it was painted! This I observed when restoring really old and accidentally damaged paintings (see example "Restored" in my gallery). I have been selling work through galleries in the UK, to UK, Europe and Canada since 1985 and have recently learned that some of my originals have travelled as far as New Zealand. My work has been included in many exhibitions, won prizes/awards, and I was listed in The Millers Guide to Contemporary Artists for buyers. To date, all my originals have been sold, to collectors all over the world. My work has been reproduced by litho printing, but giclee prints are now available, on a choice of surfaces/products, through FAA. For European buyers of canvases and cards there is now no import tax and lower shipping charges, as these products are produced in the UK.

I AM ALSO AN EXPERIENCED TUTOR.... teaching, for me, is a great joy! I teach personally,1 to 1, or in small groups.... and over the internet, designing courses to suit each individual.

For 2015, I offer PAINTING HOLIDAYS, in a stylish locations in beautiful Andalucia, southern Spain.
All levels taught, SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT in small groups, or one to one. Come, enjoy a wonderful painting experience in Spain -accommodation arranged, to suit your taste/needs. If interested please contact me by email.

I hope that you enjoy my work.I find that I can only paint subjects to which I feel an emotional response, which I try to express/share in my paintings, whether their source is a real, or imagined, scene or portrait. Thank you for viewing my gallery.

Please note, all paintings shown are my copyright.


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